Advent Devotional


The advent devotional is widely known season in the church. Numerous individuals do not understand what this is. Some other people usually confuse the advent devotional with Christmas. Since some beliefs and customs are practiced during this time, it is essential to know and appreciate some basics of advent. One of the important aspects of church doctrine is to understand the calendar of the Church Year. It is good to note that and Advent is a significant time when Christians avail themselves to deepen their prayer life. Non-Christians can also benefit from this season of contemplation and meditation with

The advent season comprises the arrival of Jesus. This season comes before the Christmas. The period is about four weeks before the Christmas day. It is good to note that the official color worn is purple or violet except week three when pink or rose is worn. This period usually commences in the mid of November.  Those who do not belong to Catholic churches probably do not understand that Advent season comes before Christmas. This season typically welcomes or ushers in Christmas period. The Advent starts at the Christmas day and goes on for a few weeks after Christmas. During Advent, Christians usually expect the first coming of Christ. This is a commemoration day that comes after waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ. It is generally meant for the Christians to prepare for the Christmas period.

It is good for one to repent and prepare themselves for the birth of Jesus Christ. Churches call upon individuals who are pagans to convert and accept Jesus to be born in their hearts. Each person tries to live holy and pure life believing that Jesus Christ would be born in their hearts. Advent is much similar to the Lenten season.  This is the season when Christians are more serious and keen on their faith actions with weekly devotional. There is no fasting, but it is a less festive and bare season before the joyful Christmas period that is full of celebrations.  Christians are required to ask for forgiveness. They should show that they are sorry and regret doing what is wrong. Fasting can be practiced as a sign of contrition also referred to as self-reproach. Christians are also encouraged to ask forgiveness from others who are also requested to be kind to them and ready to forgive them. There is the use of the candles which are lit to symbolize love, joy as well as hope.

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